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LssPhillippines is leading in Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of best quality Physics Lab Equipment and Basic Science Laboratory Apparatus. LssPhillippines offer a wide range of educational training, skilling physics lab instrument and solutions for Basic Science Lab and Physics Lab Equipments for Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Vocational Training Institutes. Our Physics Lab Equipments includes Spectrometer, Batteries, Electrostatic Equipment, Microscopes, register, Capacitance Boxes, Function Generator and other various equipment related to physics concepts. Accurate results, durability, and longer shelf life are some of the features that have made our range of product high in demand in the global market. These Physics Lab Equipments have wide applications in different research institutes and laboratories. Physics Lab Instrument described in this experience in manufacturing various optical instruments for research and industrial applications for our clients. Physics Lab manufacturers, Physics Lab suppliers, Physics Lab manufacturers in Phillippines, Physics Lab.

Signal Generator

Product Code : LSP-PL-10277

This has to be the best signal/function generator available for educational use.

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Multitap Transformer

Product Code : LSP-PL-10278

Ideal for circuits where a high current is required at low voltage.

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Bench Signal Generator

Product Code : LSP-PL-10279

The output amplitude is continuously variable from zero to maximum 8V peak to peak

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Signal Generator & Amplifier

Product Code : LSP-PL-10280

The frequency is displayed on an LED display. All connections are via pairs of labelled 4mm sockets

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Ripple Tank kit

Product Code : LSP-PL-10281

This excellent quality Ripple Tank kit provides a comprehensive demonstration

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Joulemeter, Low Voltage

Product Code : LSP-PL-10282

This LssPhillippines meter is capable of measuring energies from 1 mJ to 9999 J or power from 1 mW to 200 W

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Geiger Muller Tube

Product Code : LSP-PL-10283

It is complete with integral lead and BNC connector. This GM tube does NOT have a built-in anode resistor

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Discharge Sphere

Product Code : LSP-PL-10284

The polished stainless steel sphere is mounted on a stainless steel rod.

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Immersion Heater

Product Code : LSP-PL-10285

A 50W fully sheathed 12V 5A AC or DC heater with 4mm sockets.

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Wooden Dynamics Trolley

Product Code : LSP-PL-10286

The trolleys may be stacked on top of each other by the use of pins (supplied).

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Search Coil

Product Code : LSP-PL-10287

An alternating magnetic field passing axially through the coil will induce an e.m.f.

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Compact Optical Bench Kit

Product Code : LSP-PL-10288

An optical bench kit that fits in a suitcase. The complete kit, including the bench itself

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Demonstration Loudspeaker

Product Code : LSP-PL-10289

It comprises a 10 W RMS (20 W PMPO) 8 Ω impedance speaker in a robust beech wood

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Vibration Generator

Product Code : LSP-PL-10290

The input is fed to a coil which is mounted within the field of a cylindrical permanent magnet.

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Retort Base

Product Code : LSP-PL-10291

For rods with max. diameter 10mm. Useful as stand for discharge sphere.

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