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LssPhillippines, A microscope is an instrument wont to see objects that are too small to be seen by the eye. Microscopy is that the science of investigating small objects and structures using such an instrument. Microscopic means invisible to the attention unless aided by a microscope. There are many sorts of microscopes, and that they could also be grouped in several ways. A method is to explain the way the instruments interact with a sample to make images, either by sending a beam of sunshine or electrons to a sample in its optical path, or by scanning across, and a brief distance from the surface of a sample employing a probe. the foremost common microscope (and the primary to be invented) is that the optical microscope, which uses light to undergo a sample to supply a picture. Other major sorts of microscopes are the fluorescence microscope, the microscope (both the transmission microscope and therefore the refore the scanning electron microscope) and the various sorts of scanning probe microscopes. Microscope manufacturers, Microscope suppliers, Microscope manufacturers in Phillippines, Microscope.

Senior Dissecting Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11355

Heavy round base with a precisely designed body, providing convenience for easy lifting and movement.

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Junior Dissecting Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11356

The high-eyepoint lenses on a jointed arm allowing the whole stage area to be scanned.

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Advanced School Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11357

Body : Monocular Tube inclinable upto 90°, Mechanical Tube length 160mm.

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Student Doom Projection Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11358

Body : Monocular Fixed Straight Tube, Mechanical Tube length 160mm.

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Junior School Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11359

Nosepiece: Triple revolving nosepiece with positive centring & click stops.

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Modern Academic Biological Microscopes

Product Code : LSP-M-11360

Viewing Head : Monocular Head 45°, 360°.

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Senior School Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11361

Nosepiece: Triple revolving nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops.

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Student Biological Microscopes

Product Code : LSP-M-11362

Eyepiece : Wide Field Eyepiece WF 10X. Illumination : Built- in Illumination, Incandescent Lamp

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Student Stereo Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11363

The student stereo microscope has been designed for Dissection/Inspection of Specimens in Biology.

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Advance Research Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11364

Illumination : Halogen Lamp Illumination 220V/6V20W*. Viewing Head : Binocular head

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Monocular Research Microscopes

Product Code : LSP-M-11365

Stage: Built in graduated mechanical stage of 135x120mm. Low coaxial drive controls for easy and smooth scan of specimen slides.

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Binocular Research Microscopes

Product Code : LSP-M-11366

Observation Head: 45° inclined Binocular head rotatable through 360°.

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Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11367

Observation Head : 45-degrees inclined Binocular head can be rotated through 360-deg.

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Binocular Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11368

Viewing Head : Compensation Free Binocular Head, Inclined at 30°, Interpupilary Distance 48-75mm

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Economy Microscope

Product Code : LSP-M-11369

Eyepiece : Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X. Objective : Achromatic Objective DIN 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 100X(S,Oil).

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