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LssPhillippines Hospital Disposables are designed and manufactured for all medical and healthcare facilities, hospitals and care homes, as well as all health workers: doctors, nurses and other professionals in the sector. LssPhillippines medical disposable products are available. Hospital Disposables manufacturers, Hospital Disposables suppliers, Hospital Disposables manufacturers in Phillippines, Hospital Disposables.

Blood Administration Set Moulded

Product Code : LSP-HD-10884

LssPhillippines 3mm P.V.C. non toxic tubing, single drip B.T. P.V.C. moulded B.T. chamber.

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Suction Catheter

Product Code : LSP-HD-10885

LssPhillippines designed for tracheal/broncheal suction, smooth implantational

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Ryle Tube

Product Code : LSP-HD-10886

Smooth coned distal end with corrosion resistant stainless steel balls to assist the passage

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Scalp Vein Set

Product Code : LSP-HD-10887

Winged infusion set, ultra-thin wall with sharp bevel needle, kink free P.V.C. tube

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Infant Feeding Tube

Product Code : LSP-HD-10888

LssPhillippines for feeding infant and neonates, super smooth, coned tip having two lateral

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Infant Mucus Extractor

Product Code : LSP-HD-10889

Super smooth catheter with round tip for trauma free insertion.

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Nasal Oxygen Catheter

Product Code : LSP-HD-10890

LssPhillippines manufactured from Non toxic, Non irritant P.V.C., designed for administration of oxygen

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Stomach Tube

Product Code : LSP-HD-10891

Siliconised & smooth outer surface to reduce chances of tissue irritation, thermosensitive

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Disposable Syringe

Product Code : LSP-HD-10892

Our automatic assembly line ensures mass production and every product meets the stringent global standards of quality.

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Levin Tube

Product Code : LSP-HD-10893

Siliconised & smooth outer surface to reduce chances of tissue irritation, thermosensitive material

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