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Theory of Machine laboratory could even be outlined as that branch of Engineering-science, that deals with the study of relative motion between the various components of a machine, and forces that act on them. LssPhillippines offers the entire vary of Theory of Machine laboratory Equipments, static dynamic equalization equipment, drilling tool, lathe tool, grinder tool, edge tool, motorized mechanism equipment, and motorized governor equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters. LssPhillippines may be a leading within the Theory of machine lab Equipments Manufacturers, theory of machine Lab Equipments Suppliers, Theory of machine lab Equipments Exporters. The most objective of Theory of Machines laboratory is to impart sensible information on style and analysis of mechanisms for the specified sort of motion during a machine.

Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10617

For dynamic balancing, a moment polygon is drawn using relative weights and angular and axial position of blocks is determined.

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Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10618

The weight of the motor is balanced by another weight, which is on either side of the rotor.

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Motorised Governor Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10619

A Variac provided control of driving motor. As the test is destructive, after the test cannot be used, hence the unit only demonstrates the principle.

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Generation of Involute Gear Tooth Profile

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10620

It consists of 3 white acrylic discs A, B, C. having pitch circle diameter 450 mm, 300 mm & 200 mm respectively.

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Interference and Undercutting

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10621

When we give a rotation in clockwise direction, we can observe that the rack tip will be resisted by the tooth flank thus giving interference.

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Cariollis Component of Acceleration

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10622

A Perspex window on top cover helps to visualize the process. Rotameter is used to measure water flow rate through tubes.

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Slip and Creep Measurement Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10623

The pulleys are mounted on input shaft (Motor shaft) and output shaft.

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Epicyclic Gear Train Holding Torque Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10624

Two plane gears mesh with the annular gear. These planet gears are mounted on a common arm to which output shaft is fitted.

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Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10625

The weights are Zink Iron for long term use. The system is nickled chrome to protect from rust.

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Tool Dynamometers

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10626

Empirical calculations of these forces can be cross-checked and verified experimentally using these machine tool dynamometers.

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Milling Tool

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10627

This is a simple and essay to understand set up introduce by sharp

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Grinder Tool

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10628

A two channel digital force indicator facilitates to measure both forces simulteniously.

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Lathe Tool

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10629

With this Dynamometer student can study the change in these forces by varying Speed, Cut and Feed.

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Drilling Tool

Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10630

With this Dynamometer students can study the change in these force by varying speed, cut and feed.

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