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Industrial Pneumatics Training Equipment

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10573

The trolley must have two (2) circuit building plugboards (approx. size) 1100mm x 700mm

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Compressible Flow Bench

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10574

The unit should be bench top and self-contained having its own means of pressure generation.

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Industrial Hydraulics Training Equipment

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10575

The top channel members are used to carry either a single or double acting hydraulic ram Carriage.

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Hydraulics Bench

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10576

The Hydraulic Bench is designed as a portable and self-contained service module for the range

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Fluid Friction Measurement

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10577

It measured fluid flow rates by using venturi tube and the orifice plate, and velocity of the fluid is calculated in terms of flow rate and pipe diameter.

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Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10578

It consists of two test sections, one for pipe surge and other for water hammer phenomenon.

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Flow Meter Demonstration

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10579

The circuit and manometer are attached to a support framework which stands on the working top of the Hydraulics Bench.

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Pipe Network Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10580

Self-contained with hydraulics bench, to measure flows and drops in the wide range of pipe network

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Multi Pump Test Rig

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10581

A mobile self-contained Multi-Pump Test Rig, containing all the services & instrumentation

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Computer Interfaced Fluid Machines

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10582

It also includes a sophisticated three-phase inverter for providing accurate motor speed control, and a second motor drive output, all under software control.

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Cavitation Demonstration

Product Code : LSP-HAP-10583

Cavitation Demonstration is a small scale apparatus designed to demonstrate Cavitation utilizing a Hydraulics Bench.

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