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Material properties testing is a critical step in understanding how your materials will perform or react under a wide variety of stresses. Element can assist you in evaluating and understanding your materials properties, from tensile strength to thermal analysis and beyond. The materials testing and properties products offer a good range of teaching equipment to demonstrate key materials properties; they cover Hookes law and Youngs modulus related to elastic properties, and stress/strain analysis. For more advanced learning, experiments available reach hardness testing, complex analysis of stress and strain, testing specimens to destruction and various apparatus for learning about material fatigue. Material Testing Equipment, Materials Testing Equipment Manufacturers, Materials Testing, Materials Testing Equipment Exporters, Materials Testing Equipment Suppliers.

Hooke's Law And Spring

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10496

The Spring Testing Apparatus uses a fundamental variable mass and scale measurement to test springs.

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Stiffness - Bending and Torsion

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10497

The main part is a rigid metal frame. Supplied as standard are two adjustable knife edges that work as simple supports

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Brinell Hardness Test Set

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10498

The set includes a magnifier with graticule (measurement scale) and test specimens made of basic engineering materials.

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Materials Laboratory With Data Capture

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10499

The main parts of the equipment are: A ball indenter for Brinell hardness tests An extensometer with a digital display for tensile

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Double Shear

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10500

The Double Shear Experiment fits in the area below the loading platform of Universal Testing Machine.

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Universal Testing Machine

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10501

A steel frame with four columns supports a hydraulic ram. The ram pushes up a loading platform.

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Brinell Indenter

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10502

The hand-held magnifier has a measurement scale for accurate measurement of the dent.

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Coil Spring

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10503

Two metal bosses hold the spring securely in the testing machine, which compresses the spring.

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Beam And Leaf Spring

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10504

The spring is of the same heavy-duty design as those used in vehicle suspensions.

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Bench Top Tensile Testing Machine

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10505

The load application mechanism includes a hand-driven worm-and-wheel gearbox, driving a lead screw

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Compression Cage

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10506

An essential ancillary to the Brinell Hardness Test Set, this Compression Cage fits

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Energy Absorbed At Fracture

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10507

The apparatus consists of a main unit, an instrumentation unit and a power supply.

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Rockwell Hardness Tester

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10508

The machine is provided with a four-digit LED display. It is used to display measured hardness results

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Unsymmetrical Cantilever

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10509

Students mount a test beam vertically in a frame. The top of the test beam fixes to a holding ring that can rotate through 360 degrees.

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Beam Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-MTE-10510

The Beam Apparatus allows an extensive range of experiments to cover virtually all course requirements relating to bending of beams.

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