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Motorized Compression/Tension Machine

Product Code : LSP-CL-10584

Use:- For Compression & Tension Tests Machine For Tensile Test (500Kn) And Compression Test (2000 Kn).

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Laboratory Concrete Mixer

Product Code : LSP-CL-10585

It consists of a steel vessel of 55/ 110 Litres capacity, mounted on a frame.

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Slump Test Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-CL-10586

The slump cone has internal dimensions 20cm. dia at base 10cm. top dia. and 30cm height.

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Water Permeability Test Kit

Product Code : LSP-CL-10587

Use:- Testing Concrete water permeability.

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Concrete Cover Meter

Product Code : LSP-CL-10588

Reinforcement depth measurement Bar size can be preset if known or detected automatically for survey and investigation tasks.

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Bulk Density Kit

Product Code : LSP-CL-10589

The water-holding characteristics of the sample can be determined.

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Coarse Aggregate Density Test Set

Product Code : LSP-CL-10590

Use:- Measurement of density and specific density, standard weighing.

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Dunagan Test Set

Product Code : LSP-CL-10591

Uses:- Specific gravity, Absorption of fine and coarse aggregates, Silt determination.

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Organic Impurities Test Set

Product Code : LSP-CL-10592

LssPhillippines offers a complete Organic Impurities Test Set with or without sodium hydroxide reagent or individual set components for your convenience.

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Sample Splitters (Riffle Boxes)

Product Code : LSP-CL-10593

Used for the precise division into two representative portions of materials.

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Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

Product Code : LSP-CL-10594

The machine consists of a rolled steel drum having an inside dia. of 711 mm and internal length 508 mm.

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Impact Testing Machine

Product Code : LSP-CL-10595

The Pendulum is mounted on antifriction bearings. On release, the pendulum swings down

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Drying Oven

Product Code : LSP-CL-10596

Exterior body is made of high-quality steel sheet with a novel appearance. Temperature control protection. Digital display.

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Digital Point Load Tester

Product Code : LSP-CL-10597

It consists of a load frame for applying loads up to 56 KN, on which a manual hydraulic jack is mounted.

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