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Laboratory Bench Oven

Product Code : LSP-SM-10647

Oven door with Silicon gasket & transparent thermal glass window for watching the samples under drying. Temperature control protection.

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Field CBR Equipment

Product Code : LSP-SM-10648

Use:- Measuring in soil bearing capacity.

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CBR Test Machine Hand Operated

Product Code : LSP-SM-10649

The equipment consists one each of the following:- Circular metal space disc, 148mm Dia x 47.7mm high, with detachable handle.

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Hand Operated Casagrande Equipment

Product Code : LSP-SM-10650

Use:- Measuring the Liquid limit.

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Motorised Casangarnde Equipment

Product Code : LSP-SM-10651

Use:- Measuring liquid limit.

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Shrinkage Limit Set

Product Code : LSP-SM-10652

At shrinkage limit, on further reduction in water, air enters into the voids of soils and thus keeps the volume constant.

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Cone Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-SM-10653

Use:- For accurately determining the density of gravels and coarse soils.

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Pneumatic Shearing Machine

Product Code : LSP-SM-10654

Our products can be used on any shop floor for shearing sheet metal, bars and rods of M.S., aluminum, and brass.

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Particle Size Analysis Test Set

Product Code : LSP-SM-10655

Circulating System: Drive pump with motor. Plumbing Ports: Overflow; Drain; Inflow and outflow for the cooling system.

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Consolidation Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-SM-10656

The standard outfit comprises of the following items. Loading unit, maximum capacity 20 kg/cm sq.

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Soil Volume Change Meter

Product Code : LSP-SM-10657

Water Required 140g (5 oz.) Other Components Loading pistons; compaction hammer.

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Plate Bearing Test

Product Code : LSP-SM-10658

Use:- For estimating the bearing capacity of shallow foundations and for the design of flexible pavement

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Core Cutter

Product Code : LSP-SM-10659

Then the core is dug out, trimmed, weighed, dried and the density and moisture content calculated.

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Automatic Mechanical Soil Compactor

Product Code : LSP-SM-10660

The Automatic Soil Compactor from LssPhillippines is designed to automatically compact soil samples

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Soil Permeability Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-SM-10661

The equipment comprises one each:- Gun metal dummy plate to serve as a false bottom during compaction.

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