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Product Code : LSP-MTE-10500

The Double Shear Experiment fits in the area below the loading platform of Universal Testing Machine.
Shear testing determines the shear strength, t, of cylindrical materials. 
This is based upon standard which is valid for materials with a maximum tensile strength of 1300
The specimen holder fits to the lower ball joint and the shear strap holder to the upper ball joint. The copper specimen is passed through the specimen holder and the shear strap. 
The two sections are joined by fitting the dowel through the shear strap holder and shear strap. The pump is used to increase the ram force until the specimen shears.
In a single shear test (one when a specimen is sheared on one cross section), the specimen can bend before it shears, this has to be accounted for to obtain good results with a double shear test, the specimen is sheared at two locations, bending is eliminated resulting in a much simpler test.


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