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Product Code : LSP-TOMLE-10628

Grinder Tool
A two channel digital force indicator facilitates to measure both forces simulteniously. 
This a simple set up to study the various forces resolved during grinding operation, designed by sharp techno system for demonstration purpose for the students undergoing tool desing study.
This unit works on octagonal ring method using strain gauge as a sensor. 

Rigid in construction & compact unit.
Assessment of cutting forces by giving due consideration to various parameters like depth of cut, material, speed and feed.
Eassy in handling & Digital force indicators to measure two forces simultaneously.
Two channel digital force indicator with balancing potentiometers and polycarbonate front plate. 
Mechanical sencing unit with two octagonal rings and strain gauges.
Range of force measurement in coordinate direction – 0 to 200 kg.
Over all size of mechanical unit – 300 x 300 mm.
Service Required:-
Necessary surface grinding machine.
230 volts, single phase, 50 Hz stabilized power supply.


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