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Product Code : LSP-HAP-10583

Cavitation Demonstration
Cavitation Demonstration is a small scale apparatus designed to demonstrate Cavitation utilizing a Hydraulics Bench. 
The apparatus consists of a circular Venturi shaped section manufactured from clear acrylic.
Downstream pressure gauge: 63mm diameter, Range 0 -1 Bar.
Upstream pressure gauge: 63mm diameter, Range 0 to 1 Bar. 
Three Bourdon gauges indicate the static pressure upstream of the contraction, inside the throat and downstream of the expansion.
Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench.
Flow control valves upstream and downstream of the test section allow flow conditions to be optimized for the demonstration of Cavitation.
Educational software available as an option.
Can be operated independently from the Hydraulics Bench for visualization only utilizing a cold water mains supply with 0.4 liters/sec at 2 Bar gauge.
Throat vacuum gauge: 100mm diameter, Range -1 to 0 Bar. 


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