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LssPhillippines, we fabricate these meters using quality raw materials. These portable meters are widely used for measuring electrical parameters such as current, voltage, Power (Active, Reactive) or the power factor of the network. Lab Meters manufacturers, Lab Meters suppliers, Lab Meters manufacturers in Phillippines, Lab Meters.

Panel Meters

Product Code : LSP-LM-11123

Case: Clear Trasparent case with white ABS base Scale Length: 50 mm (approx.) with knife edge pointer

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Product Code : LSP-LM-11124

An ammeter is a measuring used to measure the current in a circuit.

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Product Code : LSP-LM-11125

A galvanometer is an electromechanical instrument for detecting and measuring electric current.

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Ohms Law Apparatus

Product Code : LSP-LM-11126

The apparatus is used to study and verify the ohms law. Two 4 mm socket terminals are provided

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Tangent Galvanometer

Product Code : LSP-LM-11127

Tangent galvanometer is an early measuring instrument for small electric currents.

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Product Code : LSP-LM-11128

A voltmeter, also known as a voltage meter, is an instrument used for measuring the potential difference,

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Basic Meter

Product Code : LSP-LM-11129

You can use this meter as a voltmeter and as an ammeter, simply by sliding the scale.

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Ballistic Galvanometer

Product Code : LSP-LM-11130

This galvanometer has been designed for very low current measurement.

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Galvanometer EDSPOT

Product Code : LSP-LM-11131

LssPhillippines consist of an integral taut suspension movement, lamp unit and scale, the indication

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Demonstration Meter Interscale

Product Code : LSP-LM-11132

Accuracy: ±2.5 % FSD Dimensions: 300x150x300 mm.

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Demonstration Meter Vertical

Product Code : LSP-LM-11133

Demonstration Vertical Meter is designed to demonstrate the working of moving coil type meters.

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Demonstration Meter Horizontal

Product Code : LSP-LM-11134

Horizontal type in transparent case with bakelite base. It is very useful for demonstration.

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Ohm Meter

Product Code : LSP-LM-11135

It is housed in unbreakable ABS case with clear transparent front cover and operated on 1.5V AA cell.

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Portable Meter

Product Code : LSP-LM-11136

Portable Meter are designed for use in the laboratories of polytechnics & engineering colleges.

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